Let’s Meat on the Avenue is dedicated to becoming Your Neighborhood Butcher Shop. Steve Gatward, the butcher/proprietor, sells pasture-fed, free range and hormone-free meat and poultry at 2403 Mount Vernon Avenue, Del Ray, Virginia.

Steve knows that his customers are concerned about the quality of the food they feed their family. He focuses on providing fresh meat and poultry that comes from local and reputable suppliers. Although he does also sell some products from farther afield, he maintains a strong relationship with his suppliers to ensure that his customers get the highest quality meat and poultry available at the most reasonable prices.

Organic chicken and other poultry are popular items. Let’s Meat on the Avenue also sells Bell & Evans air chilled chickens, which are given lots of space to roam. The chickens are raised without antibiotics on a 100% natural, all-vegetable diet fortified with vitamins and minerals. They are never fed growth hormones. These are juicy birds.

Steve ensures that all his beef is free range, pasture-fed and hormone and steroid free. He knows where his beef comes from so that his customers never have to worry. He recently introduced osso bucco from Canada. The veal is cage, hormone and steroid free.

Having lived in Australia for almost 20 years, Steve enjoys selling Kobe Beef from Greg Norman's ranch in Australia. And don’t forget to try the bacon. This nitrate-free product is meaty and delicious and doesn’t curl when you cook it.

Special orders are certainly not a problem. If you want a meat cut your way, just ask Steve. He’ll be happy to cut-to-order. For more information on ordering something off the regular menu, give Steve a call at (703) 836.6328. Allow at least two days (or more depending on the product) for special orders.

Let’s Meat on the Avenue is an inviting store with a black and white painted floor, cantaloupe walls and old British themed posters. An antique butcher block holds a basket of smoked marrow bones - a favorite of Del Ray’s four- legged friends. Steve wears aprons imported from Ipswich, England as he grinds fresh hamburger in the window, behind his signature sign - Your Neighborhood Butcher. A chalkboard announces the day’s specials, and a wall unit has sauces and condiments, including Let’s Meat on the Avenue’s homemade rubs. Try Heavenly Hog, Black & Blue, Chesapeake Bay, Gobble Gobble and more.

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